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Silver Claddagh Ring: Since the meaning of the claddagh ring is derived from it's features and not it's price tag, you could order a gold or 925 silver claddagh ring from Kaisilver. Rest assured that the quality of the gold and silver claddagh rings would remain the same ... more.

Claddagh Rutilated Quartz Ring: This ring combines the tremendous claddagh ring with a natural gemstone wonder. Rutilated quartz is a rare variety of quartz, that includes fine rutile needles in natural form. We offer the rutilated quartz claddagh ring in gold or silver ... more.

Mens Claddagh Ring: The features of the ladies and mens claddagh ring remains the same but, the gold or silver claddagh ring for men is a bit larger, and built to appear handsome and impressive. We craft mens claddagh rings in gold and silver ... more.

Some Gem Options: Our claddagh rings can be ordered in gold or silver with the gemstone of your choice. Check out some awesome gem ideas for your claddgh ring, chrysoprase, lavendar jade, turquoise and white opal ... more.

Claddagh Sapphire Ring: A gorgeous claddagh blue sapphire ring, wear one of the most respected gemstone of all times - blue sapphire is also designated as the birthstone for the month of September. We offer gold and silver sapphire claddagh rings in all sizes ... more.

 Men's Claddagh Ring: One of the very few heart rings suitable for men. The Kaisilver claddagh ring for men can be custom made in gold or 925 silver. A men's claddagh ring can have the gemstone of your choice or be crafted as a plain ring with no gemstone. Learn all about the Kaisilver men's claddagh ring ... more.

Claddagh History: The significance of the claddagh ring would be bettter understood if you had to read the history of this legendary jewel. Here is a comprehensive report on the origin and tradition of the claddagh ring ... more.

White Gold Claddagh Ring: The gem for your claddagh ring might just look prettier in a specific gold color. Kaisilver claddagh rings are custom made in gold or silver, gold claddagh rings can be ordered in 14k or 18k white, yellow or pink gold ... more.

 We custom make all jewelry in gold or silver with gemstones of your choice. You can select from our design and request for any design change that you need. We also welcome your queries and designs for custom made jewelry. Email us at with any doubts or questions that you might have. You are welcome to include images, photos or sketches to better explain your requirements.









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